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Written by Geordy Murphy, Founder/CEO Fobesoft

Getting Rid Of Legacy Technology

If you want even the slightest chance to just stay above water in the competitive corporate crowd, your business needs to incorporate technology in all parts of the plan.

Restaurants are no different. Dining out has been a trend for a long time, but technology has become an essential component of business operations in today’s age. From taking orders to serving, efficient processes are necessary to optimize the company’s tech stack.

Although most jobs these days require the use of technology, those who reside at the top of the hierarchy need to ensure that their organizations are structured to easily implement and leverage more efficient processes as new technical innovations continue to emerge.

In one recent event, CMOs of different restaurants were asked about the technology they wished someone created which would make their jobs and lives easier. They all had very interesting answers.

Here is what you could be looking at in the future of restaurants’ tech stack.

Ryan Ostrom of Jack in the Box said that he wished that there was some system where companies could delete the outdated technologies with a click of a button. Restaurants that have been in the business for a long time have tech systems from the 80s and 90s, and according to the CMO of Jack in the Box, it can be nothing less than “daunting” to replace with newer technologies.

He further said that no matter how complicated this process is, if the latest tech stack is not implemented and adopted by all departments, it can become a huge weakness for the entire corporation. So, he had a Crtl + Alt + Delete system to erase all the legacy technology on his wish list.

Automated Data Analytics

Kelly Cook, the CMO of Salsarita’s, had a data analytics system on her wish list to make her job easier. At the Mexican fast-casual restaurant, Cook is responsible for crunching the data and drawing insights from it for the business’ growth.

Data is a huge industry today, and most businesses are now shifting to a data-driven model. For instance, Kelly is frequently required to analyze complex data and propose strategies in a clear, concise manner. At Salsarita’s, insights from data have become especially valuable since they began their new ordering system and loyalty program.

In keeping with this, Cook wishes there would be an automated data analytics system that would analyze data and notify her of significant points.

A System to Integrate Technologies Into One

According to Jodi Boyce, the CMO of Teriyaki Madness, there should be a system to tie up diversified technologies into a single system. He said that there are so many tech systems that go into one business, and they are all different. So, it would be great if there was some way to enable these systems to talk to each other or understand what each was doing so they could bring together an accurate, holistic view of the performance of the business.

So, a technology to integrate disparate systems was on the wish list for Jodi Boyce.

Upcoming Trends In Restaurant Tech To Look Forward to In 2022

Here is all the new and interesting stuff you can expect to see happening in restaurant tech this year.

Virtual Restaurants - Delivery Only

This has already been booming owing to the pandemic but a delivery-only model for restaurants is one you can expect to see growing even more in 2022. When the world shut down, it proved that virtual restaurants can exist and flourish without having to bear the brunt of setting up a physical location.

With virtual restaurants, people order food from the menu online through an app or website, the order is cooked, and delivered to the doorstep of the customer. Virtual restaurants need to strengthen their logistics and software systems in order to maximize their profitability.

Marketing automation

Restaurants are getting more active in their marketing efforts. They are using automated technologies to target each segment of restauranteurs separately by customizing marketing messages.

These automated marketing technologies are helping in collecting data, targeting, and advertising to each individual segment.


Some restaurants are partnering with local businesses to offer discounts to remote employees who order from them. There are some restaurants that are collaborating with offices to offer meals at a discounted price for both onsite and remote employees.

There is a lower chance of getting the wrong order as the customers are seeing what they are ordering. It helps to increase upselling and decrease wait times.


Technology is becoming more and more industry-specific. Digital solutions are popping up for different industries that solely cater to businesses in that specific sector like tech for restaurants. Keep following this space for more updates on the latest tech trends and more exciting stories.

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