20 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

Written by Brittany Paguni, Account Specialist

Running a restaurant is not just about serving delicious food, it's also about making a profit. Increasing a restaurant's revenue is crucial for its financial stability and growth. By generating more revenue, a restaurant can cover its expenses, generate profits, and invest in improvements that enhance the customer experience, such as better ingredients or more attentive service. Higher revenue can also provide a competitive advantage by allowing the restaurant to invest in marketing and promotions to attract more customers. Moreover, increasing revenue can lead to better compensation and opportunities for career growth for the restaurant's staff, which can ultimately improve the quality of service provided to customers.

So How Do You Do It?

Increasing your restaurant's revenue can be a challenge, but with a few strategic moves, you can boost your sales and increase your bottom line. In this blog, we'll explore 20 ways to increase your restaurant's revenue.

  1. Offer a loyalty program - A loyalty program rewards customers for repeat business, which can help increase revenue over time.
  2. Upsell to customers - Encourage customers to purchase more by offering add-ons or upgrades to their meals.
  3. Optimize your menu - Focus on profitable items and adjust your pricing accordingly. You can also remove items that are not selling well.
  4. Use social media - Promote your restaurant on social media to attract new customers and keep your regulars engaged.
  5. Host events - Host events such as wine tastings or live music nights to attract customers and increase sales.
  6. Offer catering services - Catering services can increase revenue and reach a new audience.
  7. Implement online ordering - Online ordering can increase sales by offering customers an easy and convenient way to order.
  8. Use delivery services - Partner with delivery services such as Uber Eats or GrubHub to reach a wider audience.
  9. Offer takeout options - Takeout options can increase revenue by offering customers a convenient way to enjoy their food at home.
  10. Optimize your seating arrangements - Optimize your seating arrangements to maximize the number of customers you can serve.
  11. Use table turn times - Set table turn times to ensure a steady flow of customers and maximize your seating capacity.
  12. Encourage gift card sales - Gift card sales can help bring in revenue even during slow periods.
  13. Offer happy hour specials - Happy hour specials can attract customers during slower times of the day.
  14. Host private events - Private events can bring in additional revenue and help promote your restaurant to new customers.
  15. Implement a reservation system - A reservation system can help ensure that your restaurant is always busy and allows you to better manage your capacity.
  16. Partner with local businesses - Partner with local businesses to offer discounts to their employees or customers.
  17. Offer a unique dining experience - Offer a unique dining experience that sets your restaurant apart from competitors.
  18. Implement a referral program - A referral program can help bring in new customers and reward your regulars for their support.
  19. Analyze your data - Analyze your sales data to identify trends and adjust your menu or promotions accordingly.
  20. Train your staff - Well-trained staff can help increase sales by providing excellent customer service and upselling to customers.


Increasing your restaurant's revenue requires a combination of strategic moves and attention to detail. By implementing some or all of these 20 ways to increase revenue, you can boost sales, attract new customers, and build a loyal following.

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