About us

Fobesoft is a tool that shows a restaurant a full P&L every day of the month compared to a custom budget.

No waiting until the month ends to know if you made money. Three quick entries(5 minutes a day from any device) and you will increase profits by 20% to 40%.

Maximizing Restaurant Profitability

Meet Geordy

Geordy Murphy


Geordy’s entire career has been dedicated to the hospitality industry. FobeSoft was conceived years ago while he was searching for the most efficient way to manage his own chain of restaurants.

His unique way of looking at numbers provides a birds eye view of your business and an opportunity to see problems in real time before they negatively impact your bottom line.

  • Opened over 30 restaurants
  • Opened Wolfgang Puck’s - Postrio
  • Has independently owned 7 restaurants
  • One of the “10 Best New Restaurants in America” by Esquire
  • One of the “4 Best in San Francisco” by the New York Times.

Geordy has also recently had a book published, which focuses on the specifics of opening a restaurant.

Our Founding Team

Geordy Murphy
Founder and President


Matthew Sloan
Managing Partner


Rajkumar Chidambaram
Co-Founder,Partner, CTO


Our Leadership Team

Tim Canterbury
Director of Business Development


Ashley Powell
Director of Operations


Jake Freedlund
Account Manager


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Spencer Achey
Integrations Specialist


Brittany Paguni
Account Specialist


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